LaShaun D. Cummings

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Hello and Welcome! My name is LaShaun and I am the creator of Just Move. I have always had a passion for movement. I was a liturgical dancer in my church most of my childhood and I danced in school. You couldn't sit me down at a party when I was younger. I had to keep up with what was in the latest music video. I had to show everyone "You can't Wu-Tang better than me" was more of my theme song than a party song.

As I got older I had some struggles mentally that physically manifested in my midsection. I never felt bad about my weight. I didn't mind being over 200lbs because in my head I still can wear what I want. I can dance how I want to whatever I want. I felt attractive so I didn't address that the weight was coming from my mental struggles to begin with. 

After addressing my childhood traumas face on I realized that my health overall should be more serious to me and it just wasn't at the time. I had to change that! In September 2018 I started a fitness journey that would change my life for the better. I found out that I was ADDICTED TO FITNESS!

It took me 10 months to lose 100lbs with the help of my trainer and a lot of movement! I also talked out some traumas in therapy and found that this great feeling I had, I just had to share it with others. I started teaching AfroBeats dance classes and Movement Sessions before 2020 shut down the world. 

In the midst of a pandemic, I found that people needed encouragement now more than ever and Just Move was born. I became a Zumba instructor in March of 2020 and taught virtually and always ended off sessions with encouraging words. I started getting requests to teach more cardio and strength training classes and that drove me to obtain my group fitness instructors certification. 

In September of 2021 I became a certified group fitness instructor and began working at a group fitness styled gym. By January of 2022 I became a certified personal trainer and started building a clientele. I am on a mission to help people reach their fitness goals at their pace!

I have been teaching and encouraging people to get up, get out, and just move! I want to help people with both their weight-loss journey and their mental health journey. I want people to find the best versions of themselves while acknowledging the beauty in themselves at that very moment.  

Just Move has helped me with both my weight-loss journey and my mental health journey to a happier healthier me all around. Now I want to share this journey with you and possibly be of assistance to help you through it! So no matter your body type, no matter your mental health struggle, Just Move can help you discover the best version of you through MOVEMENT! Will you join The Movement?! 

~Blessings & Peace~