LaShaun D. Cummings

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Hello and Welcome! My name is LaShaun and I am the creator of Just Move. Just Move started out as a simple dance fit style class that I led out of my church in 2016! Since starting dance fitness I realized 2 things that helped me build the program that is Just Move.

1) Dance is physical. Duh, right? Physical movement alone promotes weight loss or weight management. Dancing can improve muscle tone and strength, improve flexibility, agility and all around range of motion. It also improves heart and lung health which also builds stamina. Dance keeps your body healthy!

2) Dance improves brain function and boosts your memory. However, dance is emotional! Music allows us to articulate feelings that we don't know how to explain. Dance is the interpretation of Music! MOVEMENT to  MUSIC can be therapeutic. Just Move allows your emotions to flow with your body. I think its safe to say that dance keeps your mind healthy!

Just Move has helped me with both my weight-loss journey and my mental health journey to a happier healthier me all around. Now i want to share this journey with you and possibly be of assistance to help you through it! So no matter your body type, no matter your mental health struggle, Just Move can help you discover the best version of you through MOVEMENT!